About Canarsie Strong


The mission of Foresee Community Outreach Center Inc. (FCOCI) is to facilitate holistic community renewal and development to address Economic, Social and Environmental unmet needs in communities ravaged by natural disaster, inequality and blight

We develop community based programs and projects to address Economic, Social and Environmental unmet needs.

We believe that the basic human needs for food, clothing, shelter and the pursuit of happiness in a changing world impacted by climate change and ever increasing disasters, can be seamlessly integrated into the natural world.

The Canarsie Strong Community Engagement Project is a program of FCOCI which creates public events, community networking, activities and forums for engagement to empower and assist the community to establish its voice to assess, plan, create and implement sustainable solutions to address its unmet needs, issues and concerns post disaster.

We will:                           CANARSIE BE STRONG

  1. Identify unmet needs and issues that concern residents
  2. Provide a forum to address common concerns
  3. Generate ideas that will contribute to the ongoing revitalization and of Canarsie
  4. Develop & Promote seniors and youth programs,
  5. Food Security & Safety, Healthy Lifestyle and food choices
  6. Sponsor community economic and social resilience programs


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